Thursday, December 6, 2012

11 Months

This update is more for me, so I can remember this stage in their lives. :)

Weight/Height: At 10 months, Sera was weighing 19 lbs even and Matilda was 20 lbs 5 oz.  Matilda was an inch taller.

Eating:  They eat about 8 oz of solids a day along with 4 bottles (6oz with cereal) each. Also, some finger foods are mixed throughout the day.

Foods They Like:  They LOVE sweet potatoes!!!  Applesauce and bananas are also faves.  We started shredded cheese and ground beef--definitely makes a mess of the kitchen floor!  They love baby flavored puffs too.

Foods They Don't:  Matilda is not a fan of green foods (i.e. sweet peas and green beans).  Sera is not as picky.  

Favorite Things:   They love to play in the carpeted room because they have room to roam and crawl around.  (The rest of house is off limits when it comes to crawling--not baby proof yet. :( )  They like to laugh at their big sister's funny noises and screams.  They enjoy playing in their cribs (when they are well-rested and not hungry) and laughing at each other.  Chewing on toys, making noises with toys, looking out the window, breaking through our barriers (little stinkers!), electronics,  and music.

Favorite toy:  They like to play the music button on their horse.  When the music plays, they dance.  It's so cute to see them excited about music.

Dislikes:  They get upset when they can't touch/play with our cell phones, sister's ipod.  Of course, they get crabby when tired and hungry.

Their Accomplishments:  Sera is starting to balance on her feet with no assistance.  She'll try to take a step and fall.  Matilda mimics me.  I started to teach them sign language and she's doing very well with it.  She's been telling me "no" by shaking her head. I wish she didn't learn that so quickly, but she's super cute shaking her head "no." Both girls are crawling and moving fast.  They walk around their cribs and other furniture.  

First words:  Momma and Dada or Dadee (~7 months), Matilda seems a little more advanced with her words or we just understand her better. She says Hi, Diap (for Diaper), Bye.  Sera has her own language--she's talking but I have no clue what she is saying.

Teeth:  Both of them have two bottom teeth (been there for about a month or two now).  Sera's gums just started bleeding this week and I see a top tooth coming through.  It looks painful and probably relates to her sleeping issues lately.

Sleep:  They were doing great until about two weeks ago.  They WERE sleeping at least 10 hours through the night since they were ~4 months.  As of lately, they are waking up for an extra bottle during the night and getting up too early (5:30am).  The rough part is when they both wake up during the night but at different times.  It's like having a newborn again.  I'm thinking it's their teeth that are bothering them.  Or maybe a growth spurt?  Naps are another story as well.  They slept fine at my mom's house because they slept in different rooms, but since we've moved, they sleep together in a room. One wakes the other up and they don't always want to sleep at the same time for naps.  Sera seems to require more sleep (with naps). They take at least two naps a day.  Sometimes together and sometimes schedules are just off.  

Looking forward to:  More communication and more mobility.  I can't wait for the teething pains to be gone.  Looking forward to everyday with them--teaching, holding and loving them and enjoying their every milestone.

DE Mom musings:  I don't think of our donor much, but I'm very grateful for her.  I see so many traits of my husband in our girls, so every now and then, I think if it's not his, it was hers.  She must have been an extraordinary baby.  :)  

Friday, November 23, 2012

Truly Thankful

It's been so long...I had to attempt my password three times to log in!  So much has happened in the past couple months, and it really makes me sad that I haven't been documenting here lately.

Of course, we are thankful for our beautiful girls and the joy they have brought into our lives.  At this time last year, I was huge and uncomfortable, barely able to eat a Thanksgiving meal.  This year, we ate as a family of 5 (plus one--my mom joined us) at our NEW home.   We fully moved into our new place in September, and we are still working on the house.  I have to say we've made tremendous progress on the house even though 2 rooms are still non-livable. DH (with the help of family) has done all the work himself including gutting the kitchen, replacing floors, rebuilding walls, painting the exterior/interior of the house, etc.  I have to bite my tongue when friends say how busy they are (off taking vacations) and we are juggling jobs, house stuff, and 3 children.  Amazingly, we also lived in the house for the first month without a stove and refrigerator.  It hasn't always been easy, but I'm so thankful for what we have and how far we've come.   Overcoming obstacles really make you appreciate what you have.

Baby girls and a new home in one year--it doesn't get much better than this!

Thanksgiving Day 2012

Friday, July 27, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

As I go to bed at night everyday, I ask myself that.  It's amazing how much time is required to take care of two babies (and their sister).  To add to my plate, we decided to move this summer!  What were we thinking, right?  So we are living temporarily with my Mom until our place sells and until we can move into our new house (which is taking almost 4 months to purchase...long story).  It looks like we will be able to move into the new house just in time for our older daughter to start school...whew, let's hope so!

Moving in with my Mom.  Wahoo, instant babysitter!  Wrong!  Not so much the case when my Mom is a busy senior citizen (and she's the one who labeled herself that).  It's been an adjustment--living in boxes/suitcases, cluttering up my Mom's home which was already heavily populated with her things, getting used to stairs with babies (we lived in a ranch), having my Mom tell me what she would do to discipline my older daughter, and the list goes on!  All I can say, I love my Mom but there's a reason we don't live together permanently.  

Enough about my Mom.  The girls...they are doing amazing.  Last appointment at 6 months, they were officially in the 90th percentile for weight (without their 4 week handicap)!  I know I couldn't believe my ears when the doc said that.  Seraphina is a little shorter (about 2 inches) and Matilda is in the 90th percentile for height too!  I have myself some big girls!  They are starting to sit up on their own and interact more with each other.  Their big sister is still in love with them--just not when they scream. :)

I hope to start posting more in the Fall--maybe when settled in the new house.  There's so much to say, I can't believe these girls have entered my life.  They make life so much sweeter.  

(Photo to follow soon!)

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Last Year

Last year at this time:
I was nervous but excited.
I was skeptical and hopeful.
We returned home from our second DE embryo transfer.
Relieved that the transfer went smoothly.
Then, we waited...for two long weeks.

I am tired but happy.
I am amazed and grateful.
We hold our two miracles.
Knowing how far we have come.
Now, we are in love...forever.

Friday, April 6, 2012

3 Month Update

The girls are 3 months and 4 days today, so I thought I'd document their progress at 3 months. I can't believe the twins are already 3 months. I'm taking the format from Michelle at : Love your updates, Michelle.

Weight: I'm estimating their weights based on our scale at home. The girls did not have a 3 month appointment. Seraphina is about 13 lbs and Matilda is about 13.5 lbs. Matilda is about an inch taller.

Eating: They eat about 4 oz every 3 hours. Sometimes, Matilda will eat 5 - 6 oz and she'll be able to stretch for 4 hours with that amount. Unfortunately, Seraphina usually can't eat more than 4 oz--though she wants to. She devours her bottle while Matilda takes it slow. Seraphina was spitting up quite a bit, so we started to add rice cereal to her bottles, which seems to help with her spit up. I've added cereal to Matilda's bottles too but not as frequently.

Favorite Things: They love attention! Sometimes, I think they are already fighting for attention. They love when we talk and sing to them. Seraphina likes to be tickled. It's so cute when she chuckles. Matilda loves her paci, especially when she is tired. Of course, they love to listen to their big sis who can be quite the drama queen.

Dislikes: Being hungry and gas. They also dislike the hours between 5 pm and 8 pm...can't figure out what's up with that time of day, but they are moody then.

Their Accomplishments: They smile like crazy! They are amazing with their neck control, especially since I've started putting them to sleep on their bellies. They are grabbing things and following our movements now. They found their hands and they like them very much, especially Matilda who will almost gag herself with them.

Our Accomplishments: I officially can juggle things a lot better now. I've learned to make dinners when I can because I can't always make dinner at dinnertime, especially if I have a needy baby. DH has even gone out of town for 3 to 4 days for work, and somehow I've managed to keep things running smoothly at home. I've learned to feed two babies at once. Just last week I started to really get the girls on a schedule; however, it's not perfect yet. I was the crazy mom when DH and older DD were sick with the flu--I wouldn't let them near the twins. Fortunately, the twins and me were able to stay healthy during that time. Thank goodness!

Sleep: Well, the trick to sleep was having them sleep on their bellies. Around 10 weeks, I started putting them to sleep on their bellies and I've seen a great improvement in their naps and sleep at night. That being said, I watched them like a hawk with their belly sleeping (started with naps) until I was confident that they could move their head/neck well. Just like our older DD, these girls love their bellies. I especially think this is the case for acid reflux babies. I know, I know...the "back to sleep" campaign would cringe at my actions. Before you know it they'll be saying babies should sleep on their bellies. Look at all the head conditions out there now because of back sleeping. From just 9-10 weeks, our twins already have a flat area on their heads from back sleeping. At night, we are getting 6-8 hours of sleep straight from the girls. Not bad, in my opinion. Sometimes, I wake on my own because I can't believe they are still sleeping. Last night, Matilda slept from 8:45pm until 4:30pm and Sera slept from 9:15pm until 6am (wahoo, almost 9 hours!) The girls are so cute. We lay them down in the same crib at separate sides of the crib for bedtime and within a couple hours, they are sleeping right next to each other, touching. They do sleep in separate cribs for naptimes, though.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just Some Thoughts

Since I can't seem to find much time to post lately, I thought I'd share some of my current thoughts/events lately.

I love our girls (all three of them) more than anything.

Seraphina needs an MRI when she reaches 4 months and I know I will be a nervous wreck when they have to put her under for that. (update on that later)

I finally got the twins on a schedule today until we reached the dreaded 6:00 hour in the evening. What's with the evening hours where the twins just go crazy crying for no reason? I'm convinced they are just tired.

The twins were weighing in at 10 lbs even and 10 lbs 12 oz at their 2 month appt and had their first shots since the hospital. They were not happy at all with the shots and the entire event really wore them out. They slept almost all day.

The girls are cooing and smiling like crazy, even at 5:00 in the morning when I want them to go back to bed.

I have had stretches of 6-7 hours of sleep from each girl, but it's not consistent yet. Of course, they both don't have their long stretches of sleep at the same time. I've had 5 hours of sleep straight a couple of times. Yay Mommy!

The girls have been eating 4 oz every 3 hours lately and I swear, they are on a growth spurt. They rather eat than sleep lately.

Naps are still a challenge. I have to separate them during naps. Otherwise, they wake each other up. They do sleep in the same crib at night and seem to do okay then. We do have to use a white noise to help them sleep; they hear every little thing.

Speaking of sleep, I started sleeping them on their bellies lately (as I did with my first daughter) and they are sleeping better since. I know my Mom used to put me on my belly and she said that's what was recommended when I was a baby.

It's difficult to believe that I used an egg donor for our twins. It really doesn't cross my mind much, and if it does, I have no negative feelings about using an egg donor nor do I have any regrets about our choice to use one.

I feel so incredibly lucky for my family.

Monday, February 20, 2012

A Good Roller Coaster Ride!

Wow, it's been a while since my last post! I really wish I didn't wait so long to post, for so much has been going on--I might forget the last few weeks! Sleep deprivation will add to that forgetfulness!

I don't know where to start! I'll start by saying how in love I am with our girls! They melt my heart e.v.e.r.y.d.a.y. It's amazing how big they are getting and they are only 7 weeks old! They were weighed last week at 6 weeks: 8lbs 10 oz and 9lbs 5 oz. So why the 6 week weigh-in? Sera had tested positive for cystic fibrosis in her newborn screening. I was a mess after the news, but the doctor assured me that most tests have a false positive. She told me NOT to google it and just have her re-tested along with her sister. What did I do then? I googled the crap out of it! I started to feel a little better once I saw (with my google search) that both sides have to be carriers of the disease, and I was pretty sure our clinic tested for this disease. Even if you have two carriers, only 1 in 4 will have an offspring with cystic fibrosis. Still, I couldn't help but worry until I got the results. The second screening showed that both girls were fine and nothing tested positive. Thank goodness!

Despite the small scare, it has been a roller coaster of fun. Sera has already spit up her formula all over Matilda, and DH and I just laughed. Maybe the laughing was due to lack of sleep. Things seem so much funnier when you're tired. I love all their grunts and interesting noises. Sometimes their noises and facial expressions are in response to my questions, so I think they are. I once said out loud, "who wants to eat first?" Matilda literally raised her hand! (no joke) I take photos of them daily and I usually get a hand over the face, as if they are saying, "that's enough, Mom!"

Did I mention how in love our daughter is with them? The first weeks were rough. Our six year old wanted to pick out their clothes everyday. Problem: I wanted to pick out their outfits too! :) I did give our daughter numerous opportunities to pick out their clothes, and I am happy to say that she only asks to pick out their clothes maybe once every couple of days now. She tells me constantly that her two favorite girls are her 2 sisters. She says good morning and goodnight to them everyday. It really is sweet. I love seeing the sisterly love. I hope it lasts forever!

There have been many challenges in these short 7 weeks. Breastfeeding was the first. The girls had problems with latching in the first couple days and Matilda had to be in the nursery for 24 hour observation with a tube going into her stomach and an iv in her little arm. In the end, she was fine and healthy. I tried pumping in the hospital, but with someone coming into the room every 15 minutes, it was difficult to get on a schedule. When we got home, pumping was even more difficult with trying to recover from the c-section (I was in a lot of pain for about a week) and then trying to care for the babies. I either had time to pump or time to sleep, and I often chose sleep! DH tried to help out as much as possible, but bottle feeding two and then pumping was not working out well. And, then when DH went back to work after a week at home with me, I couldn't do it. I'd cry because I wanted to breastfeed or at least pump, and I was so exhausted. So, that was the end of breastfeeding. I was sad, but I had to let go of the fact that it wasn't going to happen. I tried my best and that's all I could have done.

The next challenge was acid reflux. Sera had some huge spit ups once we got home and I noticed that she was getting more and more irritable. She'd arched her back and act really uncomfortable. She'd scream out of nowhere at times. Based on her symptoms, I knew she had acid reflux like our six year old DD had. I called her doctor and told her what I thought. She agreed and put her on a medication right away. She appeared to be doing better while on the medication, but I'm not totally convinced that she's feeling okay after feedings. The doctor said we might have to switch her dosage (frequency) or try a different type of medication. Not sure what we'll try next, but it just breaks my heart to see Sera upset.

Our most recent challenge is Mommy (that's me :-)) is feeling under the weather, and to top it off, I think the girls are sick too. They have a slight fever tonight and I'm hoping they are better by tomorrow. They have been sleeping a lot today; however, they still seem to have their appetite, which is good. DH had off work today, so he let me sleep 8 hours straight last night! What a sweetheart he was!

Speaking of sweethearts, here's my girls at 6 weeks.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012


This is long overdue! It's been a crazy busy couple of weeks, but what an amazing ride it's been! I love being a mom to three girls, but wow, it's a lot of work!

Here's our sweet baby girls...Seraphina and Matilda

Friday, January 20, 2012

One Single Sperm

Since I don't have much time to post lately, I wanted to share a story that I saw on the internet. My first DD is a miracle, for it only took one egg (and we are almost positive that was my last egg). Egg sightings have not occurred in my body in the last 5 years due to POF. This story is about a miracle baby from one single sperm:

Ironically, this story is local for us. We did not go to the Cleveland Clinic for our donor egg cycle, but it was our second option.

Monday, January 9, 2012

A Happy New Year Indeed!

BEWARE: A long post to refresh my memory of the girls' arrival day.

Well, I did it! I made it to my scheduled c-section date (never thought I'd make it) and met our baby girls on the morning of January 2nd. I was really struggling towards the end of the pregnancy and I literally probably slept an hour the night before their birth. I was so uncomfortable in every way. We took video of me the days leading up to the big day, and I look awful.

Of course, we have our biggest snow fall of the year the morning that we have to be at the hospital, and I was on pins and needles the entire ride there. DH says the weather wasn't that bad, but he was sliding on the freeway ramps and we were about a minute away from seeing an accident. I was so worried about getting to the hospital safely that I felt like I was having contractions the whole way. When we did get the hospital and got hooked up to monitors, it was true--I was having contractions. My OB arrived and checked my cervix, and I was 100% effaced and 2 cm dilated. I was ready to have these babies and my OB was happy that we didn't wait any longer. The goal was not to go into labor because she didn't think my uterus could handle it.

We were scheduled for 9am, but we probably didn't get into the OR until 9:20am. My anesthesiologist was quite funny and made me feel relaxed. He joked with DH because he had 4 daughters himself. Once the spinal went in, I was starting to feel more comfortable. Before I knew it, I was numb from breast line down. They warned me that I might feel a lot of tugging as they pulled the babies out, which made me a little nervous. The sheet was put up so I couldn't see anything going on down there. DH was allowed to come into the room just as they were ready to make the incision. DH was behind the sheet too, and he told me afterward that he was looking at the floor and could see blood dripping. I'd probably pass out if I saw that! They even warned him that if he feels faint, he should let them know. Within a minute (so it seemed), they told DH that he could look over the sheet and see our daughters being born...and videotape it. I saw them lift Baby A out first and she was so beautiful. Tears started to enter my eyes, for I couldn't believe how incredibly happy I was to see her. She was suctioned and then, she let out a big cry and didn't stop. It was music to my ears. Then, Baby B arrived a minute later. OMG, she was just as big as Baby A. How did I fit these two precious babies inside me? They looked and sounded so healthy. Fortunately, DH videotaped the births, so I have re-lived the experience a couple times already. I just can't get over how big the umbilical cord was huge! Baby B had the cord around her neck; however, it was not wrapped tight or anything. The actual births of the girls didn't seem so bad, but as they started to stitch me back up, I started to feel some nausea (which they also warned me about--some women vomit during c-sections). I held it together though and it was almost a an hour by the time I was completely closed up. Dr. C did say that my uterus was stretched to its max, so she had to put some reinforcement stitches in my uterus. My uterus was so thin; it was transparent. Dr. C said we shouldn't and couldn't have waited another day to deliver our girls. I feel very lucky that things worked out the way they did, and the girls were safe.

I have to admit that I wasn't sure how I would feel about our DE girls until they arrived. I can now say that I am TOTALLY in love with our girls. The minute I laid eyes on them, they captured my heart. They are my daughters and I am their mother. I feel so proud and lucky to have such beautiful girls. It feels like a dream.

Despite having the girls at 36 weeks, they were decent sizes. Baby A (Seraphina) weighed in at 5 lbs 11 oz and Baby B (Matilda) weighed in at 6 lbs. I was able to hold both of them after I returned to my recovery room. Baby B was taken back to the nursery early because they were worried about a noise she was making, which indicated some respiratory issue. She was monitored closely for fluids in her lungs and air in her stomach. After 24 hours, she was doing much better and no longer needed a tube down her throat to her stomach. Poor thing, it broke my heart to see the tube going down her throat and IV in her tiny hand. Luckily, she was cleared of any respiratory issues and was just as healthy as her sister. What a relief!

After 4 nights in the hospital, we were cleared to go home! (We could have gone home after 3 nights, but i thought I needed the extra day). I feel so lucky that we were all healthy enough to go home so soon.

Being home now has been nice. We all seem to be adjusting well The girls are just wonderful, and they really don't fuss much. Our DD has taken on her big sister role very seriously. She has been a great big sister and is always willing to help with her little sisters. She kisses them several times a day and insists on picking out their clothes E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y.

There is so much to say and so many feelings that I really need to document here, but I am absolutely exhausted and need to get some sleep.

What a year so far! It's been incredible and I'm not sure it can get any better. We have our girls now and we are in love.