Saturday, February 26, 2011

Donor Selected....Here We Go Again!

We did select a donor...about two weeks ago (just haven't had time to blog). We did follow up with our clinic and did get an answer (hopefully, truthful)about the donor I wrote in my last post. As I imagined, it looked to be a scenario where the donor didn't follow up with her parents to find out the medical history of her family. We still have little to go on from her medical history--it's still nearly perfect on paper. So, why choose her anyway:

1. Not knowing her medical history in detail is a little discouraging, but I look at my own family. Cancer was never in my family medical history until my Dad was diagnosed (I was 25 at the time). There's no guarantees--hypothetically, I could have donated my eggs at 23 (if I still had eggs!)and my recipient would never had known that cancer appeared in my family medical history. You just never know.

2. Maybe there's a condition/illness in her medical history--again, there's no guarantees. It's not a sure thing that our potential child will inherit this condition. Just because I have cancer in my family, it did not stop us from trying to have our daughter. Regardless of what our child(ren) has/have, we will love them just the same.

3. When it comes down to it, we want a proven donor who we know can produce quality eggs.

I feel like I sound callous about the donor selection, but I think that's the easiest way for us to go about this part of the process. After all, we wanted an anonymous donor, where we had no connection to her. That's what works for us. I know some couples like to have a connection to their donor and I think that's wonderful (for them). :)

So, where are we now in this process? Waiting, again. Our donor has to go through her physical and lab work now. I'm hoping everything checks out great, and then we can proceed with our cycle.

Keeping our fingers crossed that we can start soon!

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  1. Yeah! Happy to see an update :) I hope you were able to get enough info...can't believe someone would be so lame as to not even check into their history for this kind of thing. It's totally not callous at all for donor selection. I think your child should know you really put thought into it...not just drew straws or something (not to mention it's a HUGE decision). We totally had a list of priorities for our donor selection and what we cared about the most. I hope that things move along and that this cycle rocks!