Thursday, December 6, 2012

11 Months

This update is more for me, so I can remember this stage in their lives. :)

Weight/Height: At 10 months, Sera was weighing 19 lbs even and Matilda was 20 lbs 5 oz.  Matilda was an inch taller.

Eating:  They eat about 8 oz of solids a day along with 4 bottles (6oz with cereal) each. Also, some finger foods are mixed throughout the day.

Foods They Like:  They LOVE sweet potatoes!!!  Applesauce and bananas are also faves.  We started shredded cheese and ground beef--definitely makes a mess of the kitchen floor!  They love baby flavored puffs too.

Foods They Don't:  Matilda is not a fan of green foods (i.e. sweet peas and green beans).  Sera is not as picky.  

Favorite Things:   They love to play in the carpeted room because they have room to roam and crawl around.  (The rest of house is off limits when it comes to crawling--not baby proof yet. :( )  They like to laugh at their big sister's funny noises and screams.  They enjoy playing in their cribs (when they are well-rested and not hungry) and laughing at each other.  Chewing on toys, making noises with toys, looking out the window, breaking through our barriers (little stinkers!), electronics,  and music.

Favorite toy:  They like to play the music button on their horse.  When the music plays, they dance.  It's so cute to see them excited about music.

Dislikes:  They get upset when they can't touch/play with our cell phones, sister's ipod.  Of course, they get crabby when tired and hungry.

Their Accomplishments:  Sera is starting to balance on her feet with no assistance.  She'll try to take a step and fall.  Matilda mimics me.  I started to teach them sign language and she's doing very well with it.  She's been telling me "no" by shaking her head. I wish she didn't learn that so quickly, but she's super cute shaking her head "no." Both girls are crawling and moving fast.  They walk around their cribs and other furniture.  

First words:  Momma and Dada or Dadee (~7 months), Matilda seems a little more advanced with her words or we just understand her better. She says Hi, Diap (for Diaper), Bye.  Sera has her own language--she's talking but I have no clue what she is saying.

Teeth:  Both of them have two bottom teeth (been there for about a month or two now).  Sera's gums just started bleeding this week and I see a top tooth coming through.  It looks painful and probably relates to her sleeping issues lately.

Sleep:  They were doing great until about two weeks ago.  They WERE sleeping at least 10 hours through the night since they were ~4 months.  As of lately, they are waking up for an extra bottle during the night and getting up too early (5:30am).  The rough part is when they both wake up during the night but at different times.  It's like having a newborn again.  I'm thinking it's their teeth that are bothering them.  Or maybe a growth spurt?  Naps are another story as well.  They slept fine at my mom's house because they slept in different rooms, but since we've moved, they sleep together in a room. One wakes the other up and they don't always want to sleep at the same time for naps.  Sera seems to require more sleep (with naps). They take at least two naps a day.  Sometimes together and sometimes schedules are just off.  

Looking forward to:  More communication and more mobility.  I can't wait for the teething pains to be gone.  Looking forward to everyday with them--teaching, holding and loving them and enjoying their every milestone.

DE Mom musings:  I don't think of our donor much, but I'm very grateful for her.  I see so many traits of my husband in our girls, so every now and then, I think if it's not his, it was hers.  She must have been an extraordinary baby.  :)