Monday, September 26, 2011

Update: 22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks

Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes are getting tighter!

Symptoms: The best symptom of all...feeling the babies kick!

Stretch marks? Not yet and applying lots of lotion on my belly to avoid them!

Sleep? Feeling sore on my sides, so I have to move often throughout the night.

Best moment this week? We can actually SEE the babies move now! Our daughter got to feel the babies move today. I think her high-pitch voice actually gets them stirring in there.

Movement? Lots of movement. Baby A moves more in the morning and Baby B seems more active in the evening. They seem to settle when I'm sleeping, which is a great thing!

Food Cravings? Sweets lately, which I haven't craved much during this pregnancy.

Gender? TWO GIRLS!!!

What I miss? Being as active with our daughter as I used to be, but now we just do more laid-back things now--Reading, coloring and talking.

What I'm looking forward to? Just taking each moment in stride and trying to enjoy each week of this pregnancy. Of course, I can't wait to meet our baby girls, but hopefully that will be another 3 months from now.

Milestones: Seeing movement!!!

Emotions: It's fun knowing the genders now. We talk to the girls a lot and it just gets me more excited knowing a part of their identity. (probably sounds silly, but I love calling them my girls...instead of he/she/whatever).

Thursday, September 15, 2011

With Great Anticipation

We finally had our anatomy ultrasound today, revealing the genders of our babies! Unfortunately, DH could not be there since he recently started a new job, but my Mom and daughter came along. We arrived early for the appointment with my full bladder as instructed by the doctor. The apppointment was at 3:45pm and they had just called in a patient at 3:40pm. I'm sorry, but when a doctor tells you to come to an appointment with a full bladder, he'd BETTER take you on time. I was about to burst by 3:45pm. The receptionist apologized for the wait and said to empty my bladder some. She gave me some more water, and sure enough, by the time the doctor called my name (at 4:20pm!), I was ready to pee again!

The appointment went well. The doctor could not see Baby A's face and he had a difficult time seeing Baby B's heart chambers. From everything he saw, nothing looked abnormal.

For the big news, Baby A is a girl and Baby B is a girl!!! I'm a little surprised. I did hear with IVF that there is an increased chance for boys. Poor DH is officially outnumbered. Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled with girls!!! However, I do feel disappointed for DH; I was hoping one boy for him. He's great with our daughter and I know he'll be just as great with two more girls. On a positive note, I did save most of our daughter's clothing and toys! We already have plenty of pink in this house! :)

I'm just happy they look healthy and are measuring right on target. What a great day!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Update: 19 weeks 2 days

How far along? 19 weeks 2 days

Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes all the way and proud of it! :)

Symptoms: Heartburn every now and then, especially after big meals. Peeing like crazy no matter how much I drink. These babies are pressing on my bladder constantly.

Stretch marks? Not yet and I hope they stay away!

Sleep? Still not sleeping through the night, which I doubt will happen for a long time now. It's just preparing me for the newborn sleepless nights!

Best moment this week? Feeling the babies move! Today was the first day where I felt them several times throughout the day.

Movement? Yes (as stated above), which I began to feel on 9/2/11.

Food Cravings? Nothing in particular now...just my usual food.

Gender? We find out next week!!!! Yay! Can't wait!

What I miss? It's been a great moment in the pregnancy right now, but I do miss my being able to bend over easily and jump around with our daughter.

What I'm looking forward to? September 15th when we find out the genders!

Milestones: Feeling movement!!!

Emotions: Feel like I'm in cleaning mode and trying to get our home organized. Just ordered two cribs for $258 from Target!