Friday, November 12, 2010

Waiting, That's All

I hear crickets chirping around here lately. It's been quiet and not a whole lot going on. I haven't heard from my clinic since my last appointment almost 3 weeks ago, so I can only hope that they are busy evaluating potential donors. Due to the holidays coming up, I have a feeling our next cycle will be in February or March. January seems unrealistic to me, especially since we have not selected a donor yet. I'm excited to get rolling with this cycle, but I have to say the high hopes no longer exist as they were with our first cycle. Burned once and I guess, I build up a defense to positivity. Truly, I'm still hopeful that it can happen for us, but I sense more caution this time around.

That's all for today...just waiting...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Last Night's Dream

I don't remember my dreams (I'm talking the dreams we have while we sleep) very often when I wake in the morning. However, this morning I remember my dream very vividly. It seemed so real.

There was a baby girl in my dream. I was holding her. She was beautiful. My husband and daughter were in the dream with me. I asked my husband, "Did I really give birth to her?" He replied, "yes, she's our baby girl." It was like I was in a dream within my dream. I kept staring at our baby girl and saying repeatedly "she's so cute!" I was so in love with her.

Then, I woke up! (I hope I have that dream soon again.)