Friday, January 18, 2013

One Year Checkup

The girls had their one year check up yesterday.  They did AMAZING!  I was so proud of them.  This was their first visit with a new doctor since we moved.  No tears, no screaming until the end of the appointment...the dreaded shots!  Three of them!

Weight/Height: My peanut, Sera, weighted 21 lb 2 oz and was 29.5" tall.  Matilda weighed 22 lb and was 31.25" tall (97th percentile for height!)
Eating:  They love their bottles, but their doctor said they should be weaned from their bottles by 15 months.  It will be difficult since I can't get them to drink from a sippy cup yet.  They are down to about 4 bottles a day (4/6oz bottles at a time).  They have been eating solids at least 4 times a day.  They are little snackers.  Matilda loves to feed herself and eat what we eat.  Sera has had difficulty lately with eating finger food...she stuffs her mouth and I think she expects it to dissolve like her rice puffs.  

Foods They Like:  They love ground beef and cheese.  We tried raisins and peaches (not together) for the first time today and they loved them!  They like scrambled eggs, yogurt, waffles and peas.

Foods They Don't:  Matilda is past pureed food--she's done with baby food!  Sera pretty much eats everything and anything.

Favorite Things:   Their big sister--they love playing with her.  Big sister loves playing with them more now since they actually "play" now.  Grandma bought them PB everywhere chairs for their birthday and they love them.  They sit in them, crawl over them and stand on them.  They still love music.

Favorite toy:  They like their LeapFrog activity table (a birthday gift from a relative).

Dislikes:  Bedtime--they never really want to go to bed, especially Matilda.  Sera doesn't like laying on her back (probably because she can't flip over yet!)  They aren't big fans of sharing yet.

Their Accomplishments:  They officially can walk now on their own!!! Sera started taking several steps at their birthday party on January 5th, and she walks like a pro now!  Matilda just started walking about 3 days ago.  She walked across the room today!  They get so happy and clap when they see each other walk.  I love seeing them interact!

New words:  I think Sera said her big sister's name the other day.   Matilda says Ou-ch.  Sera points and says That.  

Teeth:  Sera has 4 teeth (2 bottom, 2 top) now.  Matilda looks like she'll have all 4 top teeth come at the same time...they are just poking through now.

Sleep:  Sera is starting to sleep through the night again!  Usually a good 10 hours but I think Matilda usually wakes her up early.  Matilda still wakes up once during the night--I'm thinking part of it is due to teething.  However, last night they both went to bed at 8pm, woke at 5:15 for a bottle and back to bed and then woke at 8am.  They usually take one morning nap together and the afternoon nap is sometimes staggered between them.  Matilda gives up the afternoon nap occasionally.

Looking forward to:  watching them grow and interact more with each other.  I just love each day with them.  

DE Mom musings:  I'm so grateful for our donor.  Sometimes, I wish I could meet her just once and thank her personally.  She has given me the most wonderful gifts.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

I remember a year ago so clearly.  Getting up early (after little sleep) for my planned c-section.  The weather was horrible.  We made it on time though.  Our nurse was late.  She was so calm for just driving 2 hours to get there...I liked her already.  Her name was Diane (or maybe Diana...ok, the memory is a little fuzzy).  She did an amazing job with my IV.  Dr.C came in the room to greet us...friendly and happy as usual.  I felt like I was in good hands...and I truly was!

We have the girls' birth on video, so I will always remember the sounds, the reactions, and the pure beauty of our newborns.  I was so in love from the minute they entered this world, and I feel so truly blessed.  I feel like I won the lottery with our girls.  They make me smile on my worst days and make the good days even better.

Happy FIRST Birthday to my precious baby girls!  You are so loved!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Strange Start to the New Year

It's the eve of our daughters' 1st birthday and guess what arrived this morning!?!  The unthinkable has arrived and when you have POI/POF (especially for as long as I have), you really don't think one will actually arrive naturally EVER again.  Without taking my Prometrium, my period has arrived!!!  My first since 2005!!!  (I've been on HRT for so long, my periods come within days of taking surprises!)  However, today was a HUGE surprise.  I had some mild cramping last night, but I didn't expect my period.

Questions arise now.  Can I actually ovulate on my own?  What would cause me to ovulate this past month?  Is it possible to ovulate again?  I can't help but feel a little excited.

Definitely an interesting start to 2013!  On another good note, after 2 weeks of flu symptoms in our household, we are all on the mend.  Not too shabby for the start of the year.

Off to party planning for the girls' birthday party this coming Saturday!  Can't believe they will be ONE tomorrow!