Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

I remember a year ago so clearly.  Getting up early (after little sleep) for my planned c-section.  The weather was horrible.  We made it on time though.  Our nurse was late.  She was so calm for just driving 2 hours to get there...I liked her already.  Her name was Diane (or maybe Diana...ok, the memory is a little fuzzy).  She did an amazing job with my IV.  Dr.C came in the room to greet us...friendly and happy as usual.  I felt like I was in good hands...and I truly was!

We have the girls' birth on video, so I will always remember the sounds, the reactions, and the pure beauty of our newborns.  I was so in love from the minute they entered this world, and I feel so truly blessed.  I feel like I won the lottery with our girls.  They make me smile on my worst days and make the good days even better.

Happy FIRST Birthday to my precious baby girls!  You are so loved!


  1. Beautiful girls!! Love the outfits :) So glad they are here with you and you are enjoying every minute :)

  2. Thank you Michelle! We are both lucky twin mommies! :)