Friday, October 2, 2015

A Good Week...Surprisingly

Last weekend, DH and I took our first long weekend trip to St. Louis for a wedding...without the girls. We traveled by airplane and were gone for 2 nights. I was expecting lots of anxiety and worry on my part. However, I was alright. Of course, I missed the girls like crazy, but I have to admit it was nice eating a breakfast being able to carry on an adult conversation without interruptions. I checked in via text messages with my Mom throughout the days, which really put my mind at ease.  My Mom reported that the girls were doing fine, and I knew they were. I just liked the reassurance every couple hours. Overall, it was a great trip and we all survived...even my 69 year old Mom! (She would laugh at that comment).

With playdates, school, dance class, gymnastics class and swim lessons, I seemed to keep on schedule this week and not forget anything overly important. Ironically, I think I do better with time management, the busier I am. I'm crazy like that! Haha. 

School went great this week...I don't remember any of the girls complaining about going there. Just my oldest who said she wanted to stay home because she was going to miss me. When she got home on Monday from school, I asked if she missed me. She shrugs and says, "not really." She loves some drama on Monday morning for me.   

Today was Matilda's first swim lesson EVER! She's my shy, soft-spoken one, and I thought for sure that she would have a difficult time getting in the pool without me. She was still shy and soft-spoken with her swim instructor, but she seemed confident  and even smiled through her 30 minute lesson. I was shocked.  My little girl is becoming more independent day by day. 

And Sera had a great week of expanding her vocabulary. She's saying 3 sentence words more consistently. "Please hold me." "Pack lunch please." She rattled off several new words this week and did very well repeating words that I said to her.  Pronunciation isn't always perfect, but she's trying.  

I'm amazed at these girls everyday.  They keep life interesting and full of surprises!