Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Moving Limb Buds

The highlight of today's ultrasound was seeing our babies' little limb buds move. It was so cute! I can't believe they are already moving, especially with their little buds. They both measured exactly the same: 8w6d. Dr. L was very pleased with their growth and their heartbeats (167 and 174).

Another highlight of today's ultrasound was hearing Dr. L say that I am done with PIO injections! Wahoo!!! I was so excited to hear this and I'm pretty sure if my rear could talk, it would say "thank you." I now have to take progesterone suppositories for the next 3 weeks. Dr. L also said that I only have to continue estradiol for one more week and then, no more popping pills. I can't believe we are reaching this milestone; it seemed like an endless necessity for awhile.

Next appointment: ultrasound & lab work in 3 weeks.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Secret is Out

And, it's been out for over a week now. (Between fatigue, being busy and then catching a head cold-I've had very little time to post). After our first ultrasound, we couldn't contain ourselves, so we went over DH's grandparents' and parents' house to share the news. My Mom had already knew that we were pregnant, for I couldn't keep it a secret. Plus, she watched our daughter during several of our appointments, so she's been in the loop for the entire process.

We wanted to make the announcement somewhat fun (for us!)and include our daughter, so she wore a shirt that said "big sister" on it. DH's grandparents totally didn't see her shirt; honestly, I think they had a difficult time reading it, seeing that they are in their 80's. We had to tell them to read our daughter's shirt and then of course, they got it and were extremely happy for us. Then, we went next door to see my in-laws. My SIL was also there. We talked to all three of them for at least 30 minutes, and it was becoming apparent that they are not very observant. I even joked at one point how people aren't very observant. DH and I laughed. SIL says, "must be an inside joke." Then, my FIL caught sight of our daughter's shirt and had this puzzled, smiling look on his face. He got it and told the others to look at the shirt. Then, my MIL started screaming and hugging us. Everyone was hugging everyone and our daughter was a little overwhelmed with all the excitement. She was ready to go home. It was definitely a big surprise for my in-laws. We said to keep it on the down-low until we got further in the pregnancy, but we found out a few days later that my MIL told all her sisters. (She said she was too excited. Guess I know who can't keep a secret!) Who in turn, told all their children. So the news spread like wildfire among DH's family. It was then only fair to tell some of my cousins the news (my family is much smaller).

Needless to say, everyone is very excited for us. I had one comment from DH's aunt that I wasn't too fond of. After the TWINS news, she asked "are they natural?" I was somewhat offended by that comment. I blew it off my shoulders, though and said we had a little help. Personally, I think it's none of her business.

I have to say, it's nice to have the secret out to the family. No hiding anything; however, I would have liked to wait until we were a little further along (at least 12 weeks). Tomorrow is our next ultrasound, and I'm hoping our two little beans are growing and that things are progressing nicely. I have no reason to think anything otherwise (no spotting or anything), but each milestone seems to bring on nervousness.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

That's Crazy

Those were the words out of mouth when Dr. L said, "there's two!" All I could respond was "that's crazy!?!" I guess, you could say I was somewhat in denial. I had a feeling it was twins, but actually seeing the two sacs and then the heartbeats! Don't get me wrong, DH and I are absolutely excited; I just can't believe this cycle worked! This actually worked for us!

Twin A measured 7w2d with a heartbeat of 149. Twin B measured 7w1d with a heartbeat of 139. Dr. L said everything looks great. I go in for a second ultrasound in 2 weeks and then, I've graduated to my OB/GYN. Since I'm having twins, Dr. L thinks I can stop estradiol/progesterone after 10 weeks. Wahoo!!!

Wow, today seemed so surreal, and as excited as I am, I'm exhausted. I just want to sleep. More to come.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tea is My Friend

Unfortunately, the migraines (I no longer classify them as just headaches) were not a one-time occurrence. After Saturday, it was back on Sunday and then again today. I called my RE on Monday (yesterday) to see what I could do in terms of pain management, and of course, to make sure this wasn't out of the ordinary. He assured me that the rise in estrogen often causes migraines. He really wasn't concerned about it. For pain, he suggested tea, but tea with caffeine in it. For whatever reason, caffeine helps migraines. Wow, I never knew that. No wonder I have lingering migraines now--I haven't been drinking any caffeine since my cycle started.

So, when I woke up this morning and started to experience aura, I knew what was coming next. MIGRAINE! I had DH make me some hot tea right away. You bet I drank that up, in hopes to lessen the stabbing pain in my forehead. After drinking a cup, I got a sense of relief in my head...whew! This stuff really does work. Then, the nausea came on fiercely and my tea was officially back out of my system. I was still convinced that the tea was going to help, so DH made another cup for me. This time I drank it a little slower. It's over an hour later now, and I can say that the pain has diminished (to where it's manageable) and I haven't lost any more cookies. Tea is definitely my new friend. How I love thee!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Fun Has Begun

Well, that's being a little sarcastic! I woke up this morning with a bad headache over my right eye, and my paranoid self had to google "headaches and pregnancy." Luckily, everything I read said that headaches were very common in pregnancies, especially during the first trimester. This headache was not going away, though. I tried cold compresses to my forehead and the back of my neck, and I even fell back asleep. I ate breakfast and laid back down. As an hour passed, I started to feel more nausea and I tried so hard to fight it. Next thing I know, I lost my cookies (cereal) in the sink; I couldn't make it to the toilet in time. Yep, the fun has begun. I officially feel pregnant now.

I'm really not good with puking...I can remember puking just three times in my life (if that tells you anything). With my daughter, I felt nausea with the pregnancy, but I never actually lost my cookies. So, I have to say I was a little surprised by this morning's experience. DH was wonderful and went out to get some ginger ale and saltines for me. So far, the snack has kept the nausea at bay. However, I'm afraid to leave the house today in fear in that I make an unwanted public scene.

With the high betas and now the pregnancy symptoms, I'm guessing we have two little beans in there. I know every pregnancy is different, and every person is different. But if I had to make a guess--I'd say twins. What's your guess?

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Every Little Pain

I'm getting paranoid now! By mid-morning today, I noticed some pain within my abdomen area. I couldn't really pinpoint the actual source of pain; it seemed to move every so often. Needless to say, I was getting nervous. Is something wrong? No spotting and it really didn't feel like period cramps. These pains remained with me with for almost the entire day, off and on. I think I've concluded that it was gas pains, so I'm hoping that's all it was. My ultrasound seems like months away now; I just want to know that my little bean (or beans) is/are doing great. This is going to be a nerve-wrecking week with every little pain I feel. Hoping the gas has passed and tomorrow I will feel better.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Happy June, Happy Day!

My long awaited second beta was today (7 days after my first beta) and it came back at 13,033! Our clinic is happy with this number, and I'm starting to believe that this pregnancy might be the real deal. I wasn't shocked with the nice beta number today, for I'm pretty sure I'm getting hit with some nice symptoms. I've been bloated since my last beta and the exhaustion has hit me hard. I've taken an afternoon nap for the past 3 days straight. I'm pooped. I do go to the bathroom at least once during the night, and the naseau is creeping up on me every now and then, especially when I'm hungry and tired.

The big question: are there one or two in there? My beta numbers are high, but it's hard to say. I've been trying to log onto to betabase.info the last week or so, but the website has been down lately. It would have been neat to compare my numbers. I guess, I'll have to wait until my first ultrasound, which is scheduled for 6/14. I'm just hoping to see at least one strong little heartbeat. Two strong heartbeats would be welcomed too. :)