Monday, June 27, 2011

The Secret is Out

And, it's been out for over a week now. (Between fatigue, being busy and then catching a head cold-I've had very little time to post). After our first ultrasound, we couldn't contain ourselves, so we went over DH's grandparents' and parents' house to share the news. My Mom had already knew that we were pregnant, for I couldn't keep it a secret. Plus, she watched our daughter during several of our appointments, so she's been in the loop for the entire process.

We wanted to make the announcement somewhat fun (for us!)and include our daughter, so she wore a shirt that said "big sister" on it. DH's grandparents totally didn't see her shirt; honestly, I think they had a difficult time reading it, seeing that they are in their 80's. We had to tell them to read our daughter's shirt and then of course, they got it and were extremely happy for us. Then, we went next door to see my in-laws. My SIL was also there. We talked to all three of them for at least 30 minutes, and it was becoming apparent that they are not very observant. I even joked at one point how people aren't very observant. DH and I laughed. SIL says, "must be an inside joke." Then, my FIL caught sight of our daughter's shirt and had this puzzled, smiling look on his face. He got it and told the others to look at the shirt. Then, my MIL started screaming and hugging us. Everyone was hugging everyone and our daughter was a little overwhelmed with all the excitement. She was ready to go home. It was definitely a big surprise for my in-laws. We said to keep it on the down-low until we got further in the pregnancy, but we found out a few days later that my MIL told all her sisters. (She said she was too excited. Guess I know who can't keep a secret!) Who in turn, told all their children. So the news spread like wildfire among DH's family. It was then only fair to tell some of my cousins the news (my family is much smaller).

Needless to say, everyone is very excited for us. I had one comment from DH's aunt that I wasn't too fond of. After the TWINS news, she asked "are they natural?" I was somewhat offended by that comment. I blew it off my shoulders, though and said we had a little help. Personally, I think it's none of her business.

I have to say, it's nice to have the secret out to the family. No hiding anything; however, I would have liked to wait until we were a little further along (at least 12 weeks). Tomorrow is our next ultrasound, and I'm hoping our two little beans are growing and that things are progressing nicely. I have no reason to think anything otherwise (no spotting or anything), but each milestone seems to bring on nervousness.

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  1. I'm so happy for you. No idea why but this post made me tearful...happy tears. Just so excited for you and prob remembering sharing our twin news too. I can't wait to read how things continue you to go. You will prob hear a lot of "are they natural?" or the sly one "who's side of the family does that run on?" but I think you've dealt with it well (although definitely none of their business). Take care of yourself and sorry to hear you've been having a rough start of it.