Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Strange Start to the New Year

It's the eve of our daughters' 1st birthday and guess what arrived this morning!?!  The unthinkable has arrived and when you have POI/POF (especially for as long as I have), you really don't think one will actually arrive naturally EVER again.  Without taking my Prometrium, my period has arrived!!!  My first since 2005!!!  (I've been on HRT for so long, my periods come within days of taking Prometrium...no surprises!)  However, today was a HUGE surprise.  I had some mild cramping last night, but I didn't expect my period.

Questions arise now.  Can I actually ovulate on my own?  What would cause me to ovulate this past month?  Is it possible to ovulate again?  I can't help but feel a little excited.

Definitely an interesting start to 2013!  On another good note, after 2 weeks of flu symptoms in our household, we are all on the mend.  Not too shabby for the start of the year.

Off to party planning for the girls' birthday party this coming Saturday!  Can't believe they will be ONE tomorrow!



  1. Happy New Year! This is definitely some interesting news! When were your last FSH and follicle counts? Crossing my fingers for your in 2013!

  2. Thank you! My last follicle count was in 2009 at the NIH study. Zero was the number! Last FSH was in the 60's I believe...always been high. It was even high 3 months before I conceived my oldest DD naturally. Very interesting...to say the least! :)

  3. That is interesting. Always makes you wonder. Not to be a debbie downer but I wonder if sickness plays any roll. I'm sure you have had the flu in the past 7 years though to throw off your HRT. Hope it means something good for you :)

  4. Michelle, funny you should say that! One month before I conceived my DD, I had a REALLY bad case of the flu! Is there any connection there?! That's the question! Maybe just a fluke...guess we'll never know.