Friday, November 12, 2010

Waiting, That's All

I hear crickets chirping around here lately. It's been quiet and not a whole lot going on. I haven't heard from my clinic since my last appointment almost 3 weeks ago, so I can only hope that they are busy evaluating potential donors. Due to the holidays coming up, I have a feeling our next cycle will be in February or March. January seems unrealistic to me, especially since we have not selected a donor yet. I'm excited to get rolling with this cycle, but I have to say the high hopes no longer exist as they were with our first cycle. Burned once and I guess, I build up a defense to positivity. Truly, I'm still hopeful that it can happen for us, but I sense more caution this time around.

That's all for today...just waiting...


  1. I hope your clinic will keep up on it before and through the holidays so you can cycle when you would like to. You are in my thoughts and hoping this time will pass quickly for you. I'm sure if nothing else the holidays will help it go by more quickly.

  2. Thanks Michelle! Thank goodness for holidays...or I'd go crazy waiting!