Friday, December 10, 2010

Feeling Normal Again

All this waiting has made the failed DE cycle just a past memory. With the holidays and all, we've been busy decorating the house, making cookies, and shopping. It's been a fun time, and our daughter really enjoys this time of year. It's great to see how happy she gets when decorating the tree and talking about the presents she wants for Christmas. I love it.

I can finally say that my PIO shots are also a distant memory...thank goodness! I thought those shots would haunt me forever. I ran last week for the first time in over a month where my butt felt normal pain from those darn shots! I'm still amazed how long the effects lasted from the injections, especially when I only took them for two weeks and a few days. Ahhh, relief!!!! (Note: My butt felt normal when walking. Running was a different story.)

The last I heard from our clinic: they are still evaluating donors and they will let me know when they have a few for us to view. I'm guessing with the holidays that things move a little slower there. Seeing that 2011 is only a couple weeks away, I think we are looking at a March/April cycle now. We're okay with that; we just want to give it another 'go' and hope this time is a success.

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