Monday, September 26, 2011

Update: 22 weeks

How far along? 22 weeks

Maternity clothes? Maternity clothes are getting tighter!

Symptoms: The best symptom of all...feeling the babies kick!

Stretch marks? Not yet and applying lots of lotion on my belly to avoid them!

Sleep? Feeling sore on my sides, so I have to move often throughout the night.

Best moment this week? We can actually SEE the babies move now! Our daughter got to feel the babies move today. I think her high-pitch voice actually gets them stirring in there.

Movement? Lots of movement. Baby A moves more in the morning and Baby B seems more active in the evening. They seem to settle when I'm sleeping, which is a great thing!

Food Cravings? Sweets lately, which I haven't craved much during this pregnancy.

Gender? TWO GIRLS!!!

What I miss? Being as active with our daughter as I used to be, but now we just do more laid-back things now--Reading, coloring and talking.

What I'm looking forward to? Just taking each moment in stride and trying to enjoy each week of this pregnancy. Of course, I can't wait to meet our baby girls, but hopefully that will be another 3 months from now.

Milestones: Seeing movement!!!

Emotions: It's fun knowing the genders now. We talk to the girls a lot and it just gets me more excited knowing a part of their identity. (probably sounds silly, but I love calling them my girls...instead of he/she/whatever).


  1. How awesome! I swear I didn't see movement til 30 weeks or so (it seems anyway). That must be so fun to have your daughter there to enjoy it and see them too. Is she all sorts of excited for some sisters? Keep up the good work :)

  2. Congrats on two little girls!! You are getting closer now.

  3. Michelle, Our daughter is SO excited about her sisters. She likes going through the baby clothes, bibs, name it, she wants to be part of it all. Except the diaper changing! :)

    Thanks donordiva!