Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Update: 14 weeks 1 day

Though my pregnancy ticker says 14w2d, I think I'm officially 14w1d. I got this idea from Michelle(http://howtodanceintherain.blogspot.com/) Hope you don't mind me using this for updating posts.

How far along? 14 weeks 1 day

Maternity clothes? For sure, I'm in maternity shorts/pants and have been for the past week or so. I can still fit in skirts with elastic waists. I've worn a couple maternity shirts because I do feel more comfortable in them. If I wear my "normal" shirts, I feel like they are too tight and just make me look pudgy, not pregnant.

Symptoms: Nausea seems to come around in the evening at its worse. I feel fine in the mornings. I do get tired easily throughout the day, but if I keep moving, I don't always realize I'm tired. As long as I don't overeat at a meal, I feel alright.

Stretch marks? Not yet and I hope they stay away!

Sleep? I definitely fall asleep very easily, but I do wake up once or twice throughout the night to use the bathroom. Sometimes, I have a difficult time falling back to sleep, but overall, I love sleeping. :)

Best moment this week? Our daughter kisses my belly and says good morning to the twins every morning. It's so sweet.

Movement? I'm not sure if I feel anything yet. Sometimes it feels like I do, but I really think it's too early to tell.

Food Cravings? Cucumbers with sour cream and vinegar! I ate this a lot when I was pregnant with my daughter. I love home-grown cucumbers from my Mom's garden, so tis the season for some great cucumbers.

Gender? Not sure yet. We can't wait to find out!

What I miss? Being able to brush my teeth at night. I try to, but I usually gag on my the paste. My teeth don't feel as clean as they should, but I know it's a small sacrifice.

What I'm looking forward to? My first ob/gyn appointment next week Thursday.

Milestones: Getting through the first trimester with no issues.

Emotions: Definitely cranky when I'm hungry or tired. Otherwise, my emotions are in check right now...I'll let you know when my kindergartner goes to school in 3 weeks. (I'll probably be a mess!)

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  1. That is adorable that your daughter kisses your tummy. I hope you are still doing well and your appointment went well (or goes well) also. Take care of yourself :)