Friday, July 27, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

As I go to bed at night everyday, I ask myself that.  It's amazing how much time is required to take care of two babies (and their sister).  To add to my plate, we decided to move this summer!  What were we thinking, right?  So we are living temporarily with my Mom until our place sells and until we can move into our new house (which is taking almost 4 months to purchase...long story).  It looks like we will be able to move into the new house just in time for our older daughter to start school...whew, let's hope so!

Moving in with my Mom.  Wahoo, instant babysitter!  Wrong!  Not so much the case when my Mom is a busy senior citizen (and she's the one who labeled herself that).  It's been an adjustment--living in boxes/suitcases, cluttering up my Mom's home which was already heavily populated with her things, getting used to stairs with babies (we lived in a ranch), having my Mom tell me what she would do to discipline my older daughter, and the list goes on!  All I can say, I love my Mom but there's a reason we don't live together permanently.  

Enough about my Mom.  The girls...they are doing amazing.  Last appointment at 6 months, they were officially in the 90th percentile for weight (without their 4 week handicap)!  I know I couldn't believe my ears when the doc said that.  Seraphina is a little shorter (about 2 inches) and Matilda is in the 90th percentile for height too!  I have myself some big girls!  They are starting to sit up on their own and interact more with each other.  Their big sister is still in love with them--just not when they scream. :)

I hope to start posting more in the Fall--maybe when settled in the new house.  There's so much to say, I can't believe these girls have entered my life.  They make life so much sweeter.  

(Photo to follow soon!)


  1. I imagine you are very very busy. Glad to hear all of the girls are doing great though. We are also not living in our own home right now so I feel your "pain" and hope that you are able to move out and settle in soon. Wish you the best Hope.