Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well... Really?

Yep, still waiting here! After not hearing from our egg donor coordinator for almost a week, I picked up the phone last week. I wanted to know what was taking so long. She informed me that she's waiting on some photos from a couple donors. I know we all have busy lives, but how difficult is it to email or mail a photo? It gets me wondering, 'do these donors really want to donate their eggs?' I hope I am not over-reacting, but I don't see how such a task can take over 2 weeks! Is it really the donors holding up the process or is it our clinic? So, that was last week, and I'm hoping we have some donors to view this week.

While I had the clinic on the phone, I figured I better make the best of our phone connection. So, I fired away with a few questions. Fortunately, I did get some good news out of our communication. All our blood work came back great and my hubby's semen analysis was fine. Yay! No obstacles on our side, so once again, bring on the donors!


  1. That is so frustrating. I commend you for hanging in there. I wonder if there are other donor clinics in the area?

  2. Our clinic has their own in-house donors. I really like my RE doc there, so I don't want to switch. Hope there's not too many other frustrations along this process.