Friday, January 14, 2011

The Waiting Game

I don't like this game...the Waiting Game. I heard from my clinic a couple days ago (after I had to initiate an email, saying nicely "What's going on?") Before this, I hadn't heard from my clinic since November 17th. They were slow on getting back to me when we started this journey last April, but they were not this slow.

The nurse said she was hoping to start things shortly with our cycle, but then stated, "we have a few changes going on." I am not sure if this is a good thing or not. Change. We all know that word can have a negative or a positive affect on our lives. I do know a new doctor (who was the director at another fertility center) has joined my clinic. The good news is that he has a great reputation (from my on-line searches) and his former clinic has performed more donor egg cycles with a very slight better success percentage than my clinic. A part of me is saying, 'Let the clinic smooth out these changes with all the time they need, so my next cycle is perfect and results with a pregnancy.' The other part of me is just plain impatient. This is my last cycle (as far as I'm concerned), and I'm not getting any younger.

I can't wait until this game is over. I never even wanted to play this game...


  1. Waiting is such a pain and so anxiety producing. I hope that you get more clear answers and direction from the clinic soon. I agree with you that it would seem letting them sort it out would be beneficial but come on people get a move on too. I will be hoping and praying for you :)