Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Newly Two Year Olds

With the New Year, we also celebrated our sweet girls' 2nd birthday.  We were happy to escape any flu/cold bug during the Christmas/holiday season (last year was awful with the twins and me down with the flu).  The girls' actual birthday was great; however, the following day, Sera must have caught a stomach bug.  For the next 5 days, my poor girl was sick to her stomach with not so lovely diarrhea.  That's my excuse for this late post. (She's was almost 100% better today...thank goodness!)

Anyway, here are my two year olds!  They were difficult as usual for photos but every now and then, they'd look at the camera--sometimes smile, sometimes not. I love these girls like crazy and am so happy to be their Mommy.


  1. So cute!

    I don't know if you remember me, we emailed while I was pregnant with my g/g twins via DE (I also have a biological 4 year old at home). They were born at 35 weeks and are now 14 months! Everything that I was worried about was a complete non-issue when they were born...I love them the same as my oldest! Have been meaning to email you to say thank you for your advice and taking the time to email me!

    Lauren Wood

  2. So fun to hear an update and see a new picture. They are so big and adorable. Beautiful girls. Two year!

  3. Thank you Michelle and Ashley! It is an exciting time! Lauren--so good to hear from you--of course, I remember you! Can't believe your girls are 14 months already! I'm so happy to hear this--let's keep in touch via email.