Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Another appointment...

Well, I have to say I was nervous about today. I had another appointment at the fertility clinic. We had to drop off the hubby's sperm and then I had a saline ultrasound. Of course, I googled "saline ultrasound" last night and found out that slight cramping occurs during the procedure, but otherwise, it normally lasts a couple minutes and is painless. Sure enough, I got worked up over nothing because it was painless and quick (maybe 5 minutes). Fortunately, my uterus looked good, so at least I have something in my favor!

We also met with their donor coordinator, and I have to say I was a little disappointed. They gave us two donor possibilities, and they were fine. I guess, we (yes, the hubby felt the same way) were expecting to see a few more than just two. Based on the characteristics we listed, they came up with two donors! TWO!?! Really? It's not like we didn't like the options, we just wanted more choices. The coordinator said she'd look through some more possible donors, but she didn't feel they met our preferences. The more I think about it, though--we are going with an anonymous donor, so why are we being so selective? And, it's ME being selective. (this is a subject for another post) I'll sleep on the thoughts for now.


  1. Best of luck choosing a donor! (I just found your blog through Bella & Her Fella)

    I will be following along and hoping for the best for you:)

  2. Thanks, Kansas! (Just got a chance to read your blog!) Congratulations on your pregnancy! I'm very happy for you! I'll definitely be following your blog.