Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First step toward ED

Well, we have been thinking about egg donation for awhile now, and I had set up an appointment with the RE specialist weeks ago. I was extremely excited and really looking forward to this appointment. I was a little nerved before getting there--traffic was bad and parking took at least 10 minutes--I was late! Of course, my husband was late too (we had to drive separately since he was coming from his job). Fortunately, the office didn't seem irritated with our tardiness. We went over my history with the a resident doctor (who was really sweet) and then the doctor (who confirmed my first pregnancy 5 years ago) reviewed my history and explained the process of egg donation at their clinic. Of course, all our questions were answered. The doctor then did a transvaginal ultrasound to see the condition of my uterus. They were unable to find my one ovary, and it appeared no visible eggs were left in my visible small ovary. So, it looks like my chance of another spontaneous pregnancy was non-existent. We met with the donor coordinators and discussed next steps. My husband and I both need to complete some blood work and meet with a psychologist (standard procedures at the clinic). I have to have a saline ultrasound and my husband needs a sperm specimen analysis. We also meet again with the donor coordinators to discuss possible egg donors. Overall, the appointment was what I expected, and I felt very comfortable with our doctor and his staff. As I drove home, though, I started to get REALLY nervous about the egg donation process. I don't know if it was the knowledge that I would need progesterone shots during the ED cycle or if the reality of it was setting in (as we became involved in the process). I'm still excited, but now I'm nervous too!

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