Thursday, April 8, 2010

Miracles do happen...

The next two months after my diagnosis were rough, but I was determined. I did LOTS of research about POF and how to lower my FSH levels. I heard some good things about acupuncture, so I thought I'd give it a try (even though I hate needles!) After my first visit with the acupuncturist (who was also an M.D.), I was very optimistic. This doc truly gave me hope, and he seemed confident that I could get pregnant. (Fortunately, my boyfriend was completely supportive!) So, I continued the HRT that was first prescribed to me with my diagnosis and continued at least weekly acupuncture sessions.

One day, my boyfriend and I were running at the track (trying to stay healthy), and after about a mile of running, I started to feel very sick. I was thinking maybe I ran too hard, but it really didn't make sense to me--I ran cross country/track as a teenager and never felt like this after a hard run. Then, I was trying to think when my period was due, and I thought I was a day or two late. I had only been on HRT for two months, so I wasn't really sure how precise my cycle was while taking HRT. My boyfriend talked me into taking a home pregnancy test, so I did. It looked negative to me (what did I know, it was the first hpt I've ever taken!?) Or maybe I was in denial--how could I be pregnant? I was diagnosed with POF and I haven't had a period on my own in almost 9 months. The next day, I took another hpt, and this time I realized I had read it wrong--it was positive! Needless to say, we were both extremely happy!

I went to the specialist a week later, and he confirmed the pregnancy. I was almost 7 weeks pregnant! Everything went great with my pregnancy; in fact, I felt normal being pregnant (as if my hormones were finally in sync). Our beautiful daughter arrived one day before my due date. She truly was a miracle, and I am now a believer that miracles do happen!


  1. Hi, I am curious, when you were diagnosed, did they say you did not have any eggs in your ovaries? I am 34 and diagnosed with pre-menopause at 28. Last month I went to an IVF specialist to find my options about starting my family. He said that the ultrasound showed that I do not have eggs. Not giving up hope, I am now starting homeopathic & acupuncture to try and balance the hormones and hopefully produce eggs. I am just curious if they said you did not have eggs prior to your pregnancy?

  2. My RE said I had ONE semi-mature egg, but otherwise, my ovaries were very small with little to no eggs. That ONE semi-mature egg must have been the only egg we needed. Don't lose hope...many women with POF have had spontaneous pregnancies. I also did acupuncture. Best wishes.