Thursday, August 12, 2010

Nurse Teaching Appointment

Today's "nurse teaching" appointment went very well, thank goodness. Of course, it didn't calm my nerves about the progesterone oil injections, but DH was instructed on how to give an injection, which he feels confident about giving to me. However, when he is out of town for a couple days, I will have to find someone to give me the shots--that makes me nervous. There is no way I can give them to myself!

We went over our cycle calendar in detail--that gets me excited!!! I have my baseline ultrasound September 9th, and then I begin the protocol. The transfer date can't be set in stone until we know how our donor responds to her medications. It is possible that our transfer occurs at the very end of September or early October. September is just around the corner! :)

DH had one question today at our appointment. "Can I videotape the transfer?" Surprisingly (at least I was surprised), he was told he could! This will definitely be an unforgettable experience! Let's hope it's a successful one too!


  1. You can do it! Giving yourself injectables is scary the first time (no lie). My husband is a "passer outer" so he would have no part in doing them for me.
    Ice the area to dull it for a minute if you want, pinch an inch and jab. It'll give you a great sense of self empowerment if nothing else;)

  2. Ha! I'm a "passer outer" too! (faint at the sight of needles!) The area where I have to inject is somewhat difficult to reach (and see)--the back of hip area. If it was my leg or something, maybe.

  3. I couldn't do the needles either and I don't think I could have hit the spot. For us what worked best with PIO was drawing it out into the needle and then I would stick it under my arm for a couple minutes (cap on of course) to warm it up. We never iced the area either but maybe that helps. Just shot it in and rubbed away. Good luck when you get's coming up soon :)

  4. Thanks, I'll need all the luck I can get with the PIO shots! I have heard all the tips--ice area beforehand and try to warm up the oil before injecting (as you mentioned). I'm sure it will get easier after the first couple injections.