Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I was somewhat excited about receiving my medications in the mail today (how excited can one get about syringes and needles?) Receiving the drugs meant we were closer to our DE cycle, which definitely gets me excited. I opened the packaged and inspected everything...estradiol patches (which I currently take as my HRT), progesterone vials, syringes, and needles. Yikes, looking at the needles made me a little light-headed. I hate needles. Prior to conceiving our daughter 5 years ago, I did acupuncture, but those needles were nothing compared to what's to come with our DE cycle. Seriously, I can't look at the needles again until it's time to actually receive the progesterone injections, which will probably be in a month or so. Out of sight, out of mind...the medication and needles have been put away for now.

Excitement about our cycle continued through the day until...I got a call from our clinic. See, not only did I receive my DE medications today, but we were having our "nurse teaching" appointment tomorrow with our DE coordinator/nurse. It's 4:15 and a nurse calls saying that our nurse will not be available for tomorrow's appointment at 10:00 am but Friday would work better. (Just great, I found a sitter for our daughter--which she was looking forward to and Friday was busy for us). She then said that she could do the "nurse teachings" tomorrow with us, but she was the only nurse in the office tomorrow, meaning she might get interrupted throughout our appointment. (Fun, we love waiting around...NOT!) Then, she says, "can you hold, please?" "Sure." Fifteen minutes later...I just hung up! (Did she forget about me? No problem, I'll call back.) When I called back, I got the automatic message "please call back during normal office hours from 8am - 4 pm." Needless to say, I was irritated. This experience is not seating well with me. I might be over-reacting, but I feel like the clinic is very disorganized and I don't want them screwing up a "once in a lifetime" experience for us. Not to mention, I don't want to see our savings go down the drain. (by no means has this been pocket change for us)

Let's hope tomorrow's appointment goes better than today's communications.

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  1. Our clinic had some stinky moments too...hopefully they will pull it altogether smoothly for you. Exciting to get your meds too :) YEAH!! That's a good feeling...minus the cringing at needles ;)