Sunday, April 28, 2013

15 Month Update...A Little Late

Earlier this month, we had the girls 15 month check up.  Of course, with everything else in life, I've been playing catch up.  So, this is going to be a long post (just warning anyone who is reading!)  I'm writing this post for me since I can't seem to organize my thoughts/feelings and the girls' milestones anywhere else.

Weight/Height: Sera is 31 inches, 23 lbs 10 oz and Matilda is 32.5 inches, 23 lbs 12 oz.  They are so close in weight, but they definitely have a different build.  Sera is more petite and has more baby fat to her frame.  I love Sera's chunky thighs!  Matilda is tall (off the charts) and thin.

Eating:  One of many milestones achieved this month--NO MORE BOTTLES for the girls! The bedtime bottle was the biggest challenge, but we did it!  I say, WE, because it was difficult on me too.  I'm going to miss feeding the girls' their bottles, but those bottle feedings are now replaced with snuggles and hugs.  Their eating routine consists of breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack and dinner.   

Foods They Like:  They love meat (turkey, beef, chicken, ham), fruits (especially strawberries, bananas, oranges, pears, peaches, & grapes), and carbs (wheat bread, blueberry waffles, cheerios are a staple!)  Cheese is a favorite too, which they eat a lot of lately.  Since the bottles are gone, I've been worried about their calcium intake.  They are not as thrilled about milk in their sippy cups, but I can usually get them to drink milk with one or two meals.  They prefer water with their meals.  They like vegetables, but it's not one of their favorite things to eat.  They like the fruit & veggies grain puffs and eggs too.  They like to eat what I'm eating (even when spicy) and I will let them try my foods...they are so curious with foods and so willing to try anything.

Foods They Don't:  They really are great eaters.  They eat better than my 7 year old!  I can't think of anything that they absolutely dislike eating.  (If they don't like something, it's probably something I don't like--I typically don't make foods that I dislike).  Sera does not really like juice, least, not yet.

Favorite Things To Do:   They love to listen and dance to music. (Matilda dances on her toes--maybe a ballerina in the future?)  They like to play in their pottery barn chairs; they can now move them across the room and flip the chairs over. (thank goodness they are made of foam!)  They love to talk to each other in their cribs.  They like to hug and kiss their stuffed animals as well as us.  They are very affectionate towards us; it just melts my heart.  Lately, they seem to like car rides and like when I say, "let's go bye-bye's."

Dislikes:  They dislike being hungry and tired.  Matilda does not like her poopy diapers.  A first happened the other day: I heard her crying in her crib and when I checked on her, she had her sleeper  & DIAPER off (which was full of poop).  So happy she didn't make a mess with her poop!  Unfortunately, they do beat up on each other a bit.  Sera likes to pull Matilda's hair and Matilda likes to hit Sera, so who is ever getting the end of the deal is upset.  I hate seeing them pick on each other, but I hear from other twin moms that they experience similar experiences.  (On the positive end, I do see them hug each other too).

Their Accomplishments:  They are walking professionals! :)  In fact, they are starting to run.  They climb more than I'd like.  Matilda has an easier time climbing because she has the extra inch or two over Sera.  The climbing might be an accomplishment for them, but it sends me in panic mode when I see them standing on the very top of the couch looking out the window.  They have learned to get off the couch without just falling off.   They know how to turn on/off electronics and Matilda has managed to enter my password on my iphone and dial a number. Crazy, huh?!  I keep calling her the genius of the family.  They just started learning to climb the stairs (another scary milestone for this momma).  They are learning to use utensils, but I often find it less messy when they don't use them. The now wave their hands 'Hi' and 'Goodbye.'  They have changed so much in the past 3 months or so; it's so difficult to keep up with all their accomplishments.

Words:  Besides momma, dadda, hi, bye, hey, ouch, boo-boo, eyes, nose, diap (diaper), eat, eggs, cheese, "oh geez" ...and several words I can't quite make out yet.  They have their own vocabulary with each other.  They talk in their cribs in the morning and after their naps during the day. Matilda definitely talks more than Sera.

Teeth:  Sera has 4 bottom teeth and 3 top teeth.  Matilda has 2 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth.  

Sleep:  They are sleeping a little better now that we eliminated bottle feeding during the night.  Every now and then they would wake up, and we would give them a small bottle to get them to sleep. Our pediatrician suggested not doing this when they wake up or we'll be doing it for a long time. Instead, we just rub their backs (and usually pick them up for a minute or two) and put them down to sleep.  His suggestion seemed to work because we eliminated bottles at night and then they started to sleep through night again.  Matilda still wakes in the middle of night at least once, but she goes down after she's reassured that we are there for her.  Sera seems to be the better sleeper in general.  Occasionally, when Matilda actually sleeps through the night, Sera will get up once (go figure, Murphy's Law right?)  They are sleeping better though lately, so I can't complain. They usually wake around 7am, take a nap ~11am (nap about 1.5 hours), and down for the night ~7:30pm.  Sometimes, Sera will squeeze another late afternoon nap (~45min - 1 hr).  There are those days though where they don't take naps at the same time, which makes for a busy, exhausting day for me.

Looking forward to:  Seeing them interact more with each other and using more and more words.  I'm looking forward to BOTH of them sleeping consistently through the night.

DE Mom musings:  I'm just so grateful for our donor.  She helped us create these amazing little girls. 

Note (if you are still reading): This post took me ALL day long to write...between feeding and playing with the girls and painting a room in our home ...I never get a solid block of time to myself (5 minutes here or there). :)

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