Friday, July 5, 2013

Time - All I Need is Time

As usual, I don't know how my days slip away so quickly.  I need to find time to blog, so I don't forget all these precious memories that are being created.  Seriously, I admire those who blog at least weekly, and I want to know how you do it! :)

The girls just turned 18 months on July 2nd and I need to write an update, but it won't happen today.  I've been busy cleaning house as they nap, and I'm starting to hear one of them stir.  Maybe tomorrow...maybe next week...when my oldest is at camp.

Time, please slow down.

Just a quick photo...can you see the love?  They melt my heart.


  1. So cute! Blogging is definitely a me-time thing now...preserving my memories since I'm horrible at handwriting anything. Enjoy this bliss :)

  2. I definitely need more me-time, but I figure some day I'll get plenty! :)