Monday, July 15, 2013

18 Month Update

The girls just had their 18 month check up today and they did awesome.  No shots today, so I'm sure they were happy about that.  I was definitely happy about screaming or crying.  My older daughter came with us, which was a first.  She kept wanting to tell the doctor facts about the girls. (i.e. Matilda likes to give me hugs, Sera doesn't suck her fingers, she sucks her THUMB, etc.)  Just a little background on my 7 year old: she didn't talk much when she was young. I swear she only said a few words at 2 and I did get a little worried when she was 3 and I really couldn't understand her.  At 7, this girl can TALK.  Sometimes, I can't get her to stop talking and her vocabulary is amazing.  Who would have thought?!?  Ok, back to the thing is for sure: THEY ARE GROWING!

Weight/Height: Sera is 32.5 inches, 25 lbs even and Matilda is 34.5 inches, 25 lbs even.  This is a first where they are actually the same weight exactly. I think Sera's head was half an inch larger.

Eating:  We been switching meal time around a bit due to their naps.  They eat breakfast in the morning and then have an early lunch/snack at 11am.  They will eat again after their nap and have dinner around 5/5:30pm.  They always seem to have appetites. If they see us eat, they typically have to eat.  They also want to eat what we are eating.

Foods They Like:  FRUIT (peaches, raspberries, strawberries, grapes, blueberries) is their favorite.  However, cantaloupe and melon didn't go over well.  Eggo frozen blueberry waffles--sometimes they'll even it them frozen.  Cinnamon graham crackers, oatmeal squares cereal, sausage, goldfish crackers, green beans, mac n cheese--to name a few well-liked foods.

Foods They Don't:  Lately, they haven't been liking chicken.  They are okay with breaded chicken, but  they don't seem to like chicken that is grilled or marinated.  They will try it and have a couple pieces, but they won't finish what's on their plates.

Favorite Things To Do:   Two months ago, I bought a used Little Tikes climber that was in excellent condition and they've been playing on it daily.  They climb up the slide part.  Sera goes head first down the slide and Matilda sits up with feet first down the slide.  They like to play with electronics (i.e. phones, blu-ray player, sister's ipod, tv remote controllers).  Music is still a favorite.  Matilda often sings with me at night.  They like to open kitchen drawers, slam drawers, move chairs across rooms, climb kitchen chairs to get on the table, and pull at anything in their reach.  Typical toddler right?!

Dislikes:  They dislike being hungry and tired.  They will probably never outgrow that (I know I haven't!)  They are not interested in tv.  Occasionally, they'll see their big sister watching tv and they might watch for 2 minutes.  They don't like to share much, so they often fight over toys (or Mommy).  Not a big fan of going to bed.  They don't like Mommy or Daddy telling them not to do something--especially when Daddy says it.  Mommy must be a pushover. (haha)

Their Accomplishments:  This is difficult to document.  They are accomplishing things daily, so it feels like it.  Matilda was counting to 3 the other day and singing songs.  Sera was using her utensils correctly. They each have their own unique qualities.  While Matilda seems to be talking more and catches on quickly to words, Sera is confident and more readily to say "hi" to another baby/kid at the playground. They really balance each other with their own strengths.  It's an amazing thing to watch.

Words:  Matilda repeats almost anything we say now.  Whether she remembers it, I don't know.  She likes to say "hey" when you take things away from her.  She is starting to form phrases such as: all gone, see dog, shoes on.  Sera appears to be a little behind with her verbal communications, which doesn't surprise me, knowing our 7 year old was similar when she was young.

Teeth:  They both have 4 bottom teeth and 4 top teeth and 2 year molars (all 4) are coming through.  

Sleep:  Bedtime is between 7 and 7:30 pm.  They typically sleep 11.5/12 hours.  Sometimes, I'm not sure when they get up--they talk nicely to each other in the morning.  Eventually, I hear one of them calling "mommy."  Matilda typically gets up once at night (her diaper is soaked and needs to be changed).  Luckily, she usually goes back to sleep right away.  Nap time is usually around 11:30am (for about 1.5 to 2 hours).  They've been napping together pretty well lately.  

Looking forward to:  Their vocabulary expanding and actually understanding what they are saying.

DE Mom musings:  For some reason, I've been thinking lately--I wish we could meet our donor once. Know her name, know what she looks like. I don't have regrets about using an anonymous donor.  I think it's more curiosity.  

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