Tuesday, December 13, 2011

33 Week Update (with photo)

Yesterday, I had my 33 week appointment with my OB. I've officially gained about 35 pounds, weighing in at 150 pounds now. My BP was great at 112/68, and my cervix is staying strong at 2.5cm in length. My uterus is measuring at 37 weeks and the babies have definitely dropped. I think bed rest has been good for me and the babies, though. My swelling has been kept to a very minimum...I still don't have cankles yet! And I'm happy to report that I didn't have heartburn last night before going to bed. It was such a good feeling, not having to feel the acid in my chest. I have slept on our recliner couch for the past couple days now, and it seems to be the best way to sleep lately. My nose gets stuffy when I lay flat in bed and I can't seem to get as comfortable in bed with pillows. I do miss my bed, but I know it's temporary.

The twins are very active and I think their personalities are definitely showing through already. Even the nurses at the hospital said Baby B was a feisty one, and I believe it. She moves like crazy with the hardest jabs. She is transverse while Baby A is vertex, so I'm not sure if their positioning has anything to do with their movement.

Some exciting news...We now have a Plan A for the arrival of our girls. Our c-section date is set for January 3rd! (I'll be 36 weeks 1 day then). Of course, I'm thinking, 'holy cow, can I make it three more weeks?!' That's the goal, though. The longer, the better and I understand that. Our goal is to take our girls home with us when I leave the hospital. Plan B is the unexpected...you never know, they might have plans of their own.

Me at 33 weeks (yesterday)

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