Tuesday, December 6, 2011

New Symptoms at 32 weeks

The fun is really starting! I hit the 32 week-mark and things are changing! I swear, the babies have dropped, for I now get up at least 3 to 4 times a night to pee. Sometimes, I'll be driving in the car and have to pee. I get out of the car, and then I don't have to go anymore. It drives me crazy! To pee or not to pee is often the question.

Then, there's the swelling in my left foot. I had it for a week or so now but usually when I woke in the morning, it would be gone. Not anymore. I wake up and the left foot is swelling, as if I was on my feel all day. I have been monitoring my blood pressure at home to make sure it has not gotten any higher. Amazingly, my blood pressure has been low, which is great.

OMG, what's with the weepiness? I think I've cried twice today. It seems to get worse with each day that does on. I'm usually a sap, but not like this. I was watching 'Catch and Release' today and when the little boy says, "my Dad was a superhero!" I started balling. Really?!? I'm an emotional wreck!

The new symptom that has me a little uptight is the menstrual-like cramps and dull back pain. I know it's not true labor because it is not consistent, so I'm guessing it's braxton hick contractions. Being pregnant before, you'd think I'd know what is going on with my body. However, I feel like this is all new to me again. It has been almost 6 years, so it's easy to forget...I think. Though I do believe twins (or multiples) add a different dynamic to a pregnancy. Everything seems to be more intense or occur more soon in the pregnancy.

What's next? My next ultrasound is this Friday. Let's hope there's no surprises, especially since it would have been 4 weeks since seeing a doctor. Can't wait to see the babies again...it's been way too long!

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