Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ultrasound Update

Yesterday was a big day. We had our thorough ultrasound with Dr.K (first one in 4 weeks). After the preterm labor scare, it was nice to see the sweet peas and know that they are still growing well. In fact, Dr. K was somewhat surprised about their current size. He estimates that Baby A is 4 lb 11oz and Baby B is 4 lb 15 oz. That's a lot of baby! He said they are growing like they should and everything looks good with them. My cervix is still hanging in there...close to 3cm long. Looks like I'll be having big babies, especially if they stay in me for a couple more weeks. Yikes! My belly is so huge now; I'll have to post a photo next time.

All in all, a great appointment. I see my OB on Monday, so I'm hoping we can schedule a tentative c-section date.

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