Monday, December 19, 2011

34 Week Appointment... The Countdown Begins

Today was my 34 week appointment, and our babies are still doing great. Cervix is staying strong, BP was 112/76, and weight was 148 lbs. Is it possible I lost 2 lbs in a week? Maybe I wore lighter clothing or something. Our girls appear to be getting stronger by the day. Wow, do I feel their jabs and kicks. Sometimes, I have to shield my ribs with my hand, so they don't kick so hard.

Since my OB is technically "off work/vacation" the week of our c-section, she said we could schedule any day, meaning we could move our date up to Monday, Jan.2 (instead of the 3rd). Of course, my thinking is ' the sooner, the better.' So, it's scheduled that we'll meet our little girls on Jan. 2nd and I'll be exactly 36 weeks that day. Our DD was so excited when I told her the news, "you'll get to meet your baby sisters in 13 days." She was screaming with excitement. Amazingly, I think she's more excited about her sisters' birth than Christmas Day! She said the other day, "Maybe they'll come on Christmas Day. That would be the best Christmas gift ever!" What a great gift it would be! And, what a memorable day is would be!

13 more days...wahoo, can't wait!


  1. Holy cow that is coming quickly. Too bad you can't go for the last baby of 2011 and first baby of 2012 ;) (we tried for that also but were basically told sooner was better). So excited for you. I think I came to a stand still and maybe lost some weight the last week as well. Glad to hear they and you are doing well and can't wait for updates :)

  2. It's coming quickly...maybe not quick enough. DH would like to have a 2011 baby, and who knows we still might. 13 more days prego brain is getting mushy. it must be all this sitting! :)