Monday, November 28, 2011

31 Week Update - What's With All The Pain?

This is not going to be my usual update. As with my last couple updates, I feel redundant. Of course, I have the same sleeping issues and we are still expecting girls. However, I have officially hit the point, where I want to say, "I'm done with being pregnant." Obviously, I want the girls to stay inside me as long as possible, for I want them to be as healthy as possible (and avoid NICU). However, I currently feel like I did with DD when I was 39 weeks with her. The area below my breasts is burning and so uncomfortable. I literally started crying today because it was painful and I could not find a position where I could get comfortable. I can't wear a bra anymore, for that makes the pain worse. I'm still trying to organize the nursery and clean the house, which frustrates me even more.

My physically pain is definitely taking its toll on me emotionally. It's so draining when you can't do anything for the pain and when the pain prohibits you from doing things you need to do. I'm so grateful for my twins, but sometimes I wonder if my body can handle two babies. How the heck did the Octomom carry so many babies--it's beyond my comprehension!

I love these babies with all my heart, and I hope that my pain tolerance can crank it up a notch!


  1. You are doing great. I had no comparison but the last month or so were the absolute hardest with twins. I know it is hard and frustrating to not be able to do everything you want but just think you are only a few weeks away at this point. I hope you find some comfort for the aches, sleep and emotional draining. Take care :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this as well. I hope your body will adjust soon. And hopefully you'll find a bean bag or swimming pool or anything that will alleviate the pain and give you both some calm and strength to carry on.
    Is it possible for you to get some help around the house? I know some people hate asking for help, but I also know that there are people who think twins are magic and deserve a little help also before they are born.
    O well, look at me talking. Just pof here, and still at the beginning of our de-journey, so please ignore if that is what makes you feel better!
    Going back to cheering you on quietly,

  3. Thanks Michelle and Valery! I do need some help around the house, and my Mom always offers (and occasionally does come over to help clean for me)...she's the best. Unfortunately, she's a good distance from us, so it's not always easy. I'm hanging in there, though...sometimes, I just need to let go of having a clean, organized house! :) Can you tell I've got a Type-A personality? Only a few more weeks...I can do this!