Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fertilization Report...and Those Darn PIO Shots

Another morning phone call...and fortunately, a GOOD morning! Of the 21 eggs, 16 fertilized!!! Yay! I was so pumped, my excitement must have been very visible. My daughter asks, "Why are you so happy?!" It's so difficult not being able to explain the details with her, or for that matter, in a way that she would comprehend. Due to the amount of fertilized eggs, the lab predicts that we will have a 5-day transfer. If they wait until day 5, she explained, they will have a better idea of the strongest embryos to transfer. If that's the case, our transfer will be on Sunday, October 3rd!

My PIO injection (3rd one) this morning was interesting. DH started to insert, and I'm saying "ouch, this one hurts." He takes it out and moves it to a different location. I could feel this one going in, too. (DH thinks I didn't ice the area as well) The injection was not pain-free as the other two, but this time, I didn't have the shooting soreness down my butt muscle afterward--strange.
I don't know what to think. I like the fact that I could walk better today, but the actual insertion was definitely not enjoyable. These PIO injections are a PAIN in the REAR...literally. After all these injections, I'll have one tough rear!

On another note: I don't have very many childhood friends, but I received a call from one of them today. Guess what? She's pregnant! I'm super excited for her. Wish I could have shared my fertilization report to her, but we have been keeping the whole DE journey to a minimum. That discussion is for another post.

Update to follow tomorrow...

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  1. YEAH!! That is a great percentage. Here's hoping you have some perfect embies for day 5. As to the shots...did the nurse draw circles for you to do shots? Our nurse drew circles on my tush and hubby insisted on redrawing them until we were done with shots. She said it helped as many people began wandering from the best spot and get nerve pain or soreness. Not sure if that has anything do with your situation or not. Good luck with everything though :) Crossing fingers.