Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Retrieval Day!

I was a little nervous about today. The weather was horrible. Our local weather/news channel even predicted last night that this morning's commute was going to be a tough one. I worried for whatever reason, maybe our donor would not show up or be extremely late. Guess who was late? Us! We had a 9:00 am appointment, and due to the weather and traffic, we arrived about 20 minutes late.

DH did his part, and then we met with our RE nurse. She had good news--our donor had 21 eggs retrieved! Yay! Our donor rocks! I don't know how things will shake out with fertilization, transfer and then the ultimate outcome, but I do feel a lot of appreciation for our donor. She never missed an appointment (that we're aware of), and she obviously did all the right things, for we now have 21 eggs!

Hoping the good news continue...


  1. That is awesome news! And great results...way to go donor. Now to just watch them grow :) Good luck

  2. Thanks Michelle! I looked at your previous posts and it looks like your donor results were similar! :)