Sunday, September 26, 2010

I got a wake up call this morning...

Literally! However, it was a great wake up call. Dr. H (another RE in the practice) called at 8:15 this morning to let me know that our donor is triggering today and that I should begin progesterone shots tomorrow morning. Yay! I'm really excited that we are getting closer to my transfer date, which will either be Oct. 1st or Oct. 3rd.

Not so excited about tomorrow morning's PIO shot. (In fact, I'm a bundle of nerves!) I hear it doesn't hurt going in (if you ice beforehand), which I hope is the case. After the shot, women have said to massage the injected area VERY well and then apply a warm heating pad. It sounds like it will be at least a 30 minute process. My DH thinks I'm making a bigger deal about it than it is, but that's easy for him to say. I do give him some credit, though--I would have a difficult time sticking him if I had to. (Guess, I wouldn't make a very good nurse!)

I hope to look back at this post in a few days and laugh...and think 'what was I so worried about?'

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  1. Good luck with your first shot :) The first couple will take a little time but then you hit your stride and strategy and it's much easier. I hope you do great with them and have no issues.