Friday, May 13, 2011

The Big Day

I thought cycle #1 had gone smoothly. Yesterday's transfer went even better. Was it the valium? No--I took it and felt nothing!!! I was actually very surprised since drugs in general affect me very easily, but valium did nothing. We arrived at the clinic and my bladder was FULL. I emptied it right away since we had another hour until our transfer. I drank some water but made sure not to fill my bladder to capacity. Dr. L greeted us right at 1:00pm and said we were transferring 2 great-looking 8-cell embryos. And, we were off to the sterile transfer room. Dr. L did a test with the catheter which was on the screen for one second literally. He assured us the transfer would be easy, and he wasn't kidding. We got to see our lovely embryos on the screen, placed in the catheter and then inserted into my uterus. The whole process felt like 2 minutes! As my DH put it: We had the B Team last cycle; today we had the A Team. Before I knew it, I was back in my recovery room, laying down for an hour. Dr. L said today's embryos were great-looking, better than our first cycle's embryos, which was great news. They are freezing the six remaining embryos! Wahoo, I have frosties! Our clinic changed their policy (since our last cycle)about post-transfer and lets you get up 15 - 20 minutes after your transfer. However, Dr. L wanted me to lay down for an entire hour before getting up to empty my bladder. That hour went pretty fast and then we were ready to leave with two precious embryos inside me. I'm officially pregnant until proven otherwise. :)


  1. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can (transfer) The A-Team. Okay sorry I couldn't resist :) First thing that came to my mind. Anyway congratulations on a wonderful transfer and I'm keeping my fingers crossed for upcoming great news. Awesome on frosties too :) YEAH!!

  2. LOL, I have to admit that crossed my mind too! Thanks, the lovely two week wait. The next week or two, I'll be pretty busy, so I'm hoping that will help.