Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Pinch Me, I Must Be Dreaming

We were expecting a phone call around noon about our beta results, and it was after 1:00pm and still nothing. We saw this as a bad sign; they were probably waiting for the doctor to call and give us the bad news (like our last cycle). My husband took a long lunch today, so that he could be home when we got the news. It was decided that he would answer my cell phone when the clinic called. I was in bed when they called, feeling depressed and tired (from my early morning beta). I heard the phone ring and put the blankets over my head to make sure I couldn't hear anything. I couldn't bear to hear the bad news.

Then, my husband walks over to the bed and says, "she wants to talk to you." Really? She's not trying to make this a living hell for me, right? Entirely the opposite, she was calling to say "Congratulations, you're pregnant!" I was in shock!!! (and then, I felt like such a fool for hiding under the blankets!) My beta was 751! My husband and I both are over the moon with excitement.

Along with the excitement, we know there's still a long road ahead of us. We have another beta next week Wednesday and our first u/s is 6/15. I'll feel better when we see the heartbeat. (My husband says he'll feel better when we have our 20wk u/s). I'm trying to take one day at a time and hope for the best. It's great to know we are headed in the right direction to our dream.

Today felt like a dream. The fact that I might actually be pregnant is still sinking in. Somebody needs to pinch me! Though I'm pretty sure I felt my PIO injection today.


After the beta results, husband says he had a dream last night that we were looking at an ultrasound. Why didn't you tell me this while I was laying buried in my blankets? He says he didn't want to jinx it. :)


  1. YEAH!! I'm so thrilled for you guys. Goodness I kept checking all day to see if you updated. I hope that your next number comes in strong as well...751 is awesome though :) But boy do I understand not feeling "on the safe side" until the next u/s and the next. You can celebrate now though!!

  2. So...any more news? I just noticed your ticker is gone...sorry I'm bored or snoopy ;) Hope you are well :)

  3. Haha, Michelle! Thanks for thinking of me! You are VERY observant!