Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Myth: Can't You Just Take Fertility Drugs?

BUSTED!!! I realize not everyone who faces infertility has Premature Ovarian Failure/Primary Ovarian Insufficiency (POF/POI), but when I was diagnosed with this condition, several friends said those words to me. "Can't you take fertility drugs to have a child?" I only wish fertility drugs would solve the problem of infertility.

Whether you have POF/POI or not, fertility drugs are not going to magically give you that child you always desired. When it comes to infertility, there is no easy solution (such as popping a pill or taking an injection). Sure, some people do one round of fertility drugs and get pregnant. Unfortunately, there is a percentage of those women who also miscarry. And, some of those women have no problem getting pregnant, but they have one miscarriage after another. So, no, fertility drugs are not the "ultimate solution" in this circumstance either.

Those with POF/POI are typical diagnosed after their FSH levels are sky-high and are already experiencing menopausal symptoms. As much as it made me cry everytime I explained it, I wanted my friends to understand my condition. I'd go on to tell them: "I have POF (or POI as some call it) and I have virtually no eggs left in my ovaries. I can't take drugs to stimulate my shrunken ovaries (that are barely visible via ultrasounds). My FSH levels are as high as someone going through menopause, and as you know, menopausal women don't usually get pregnant on their own." I tried to give the best description of my condition without getting too detailed about FSH levels and how FSH is actually what is trying to stimulate your ovaries. (No offense to them, I think it would have been over their heads.)

I don't blame my friends for asking such a question. I get it, they didn't understand my diagnosis, and they themselves haven't been through infertility. They weren't educated on the topic of infertility, and I'd like to think I educated them a little on the topic. At least enough. So they hopefully don't ask that question to the next woman they encounter with infertility.

This post was written in support of National Infertility Awareness Week: National Infertility Awareness Week

A Basis Understanding of Infertility


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