Thursday, April 21, 2011

Thinking...Long Delay!

No word yet from my clinic, so this is looking worse each day that does by. I've been researching egg donors with IUDs and I'm finding that several agencies/clinics won't even accept an egg donor with an IUD. That has to tell you something. So, my gut is telling me that this whole (period) delay has to do with her IUD. The more I research--good ole google--the more I think we could be waiting a lot longer. From my internet search, some women did not have a period until 3 months after the removal of an IUD. YIKES! What somewhat irritates me more is that I had no clue that our donor had an IUD until we made the commitment to go with this donor. By the time I did find out about the IUD, they've already removed it from our donor for our cycle! I never would have thought to ask what type of contraception she uses. Crazy, just when I think I'm fairly educated with the in's and out's of egg donation, I learn another thing or two. Ugghhh.

I'm starting to wonder if we need go with another donor. It doesn't seem like a good thing when the egg donor does not have a regular menstrual cycle. I'm trying to be patient and keep a positive outlook. (Ha! You probably can't tell from this post.) I know it won't make things better to stress and get frustrated, so I'm trying to stay calm and know that some things happen for a reason.


  1. I didn't know this either and never would have thought about it during our cycle. Has she DE cycled before or been proven? I hope that there isn't a long wait and I can't believe the clinic doesn't keep you more in the loop. Good luck Hope...I'm thinking of you all the time with this :)

  2. How frustrating. Our clinic does list the type of birth control the donors use and I wondered why. Now I can see why it's important to know.

  3. Never cycled before but has two children. Our clinic doesn't list the type of birth control, but i now know (from all my reading) that it can be an important piece of information. Luckly, we got good news today (post to follow!)