Monday, April 18, 2011

Still Delayed

Got a call from my clinic today and nothing new: Donor still hasn't started her period. Our calendar is no longer accurate. So, I have no idea when our retrieval will occur. I don't know what to think. We can't do anything, but WAIT (my favorite thing to do--can you sense my sarcasm?) until she starts her period.

Hope we hear some good news tomorrow!


  1. ahhhh, the waiting. If there was only something we could DO. two week wait, three week wait....But not knowing when and not knowing for sure seems worse.
    Good luck

  2. Thanks, Valery. Yep, the not knowing is killing me! I can handle the two week wait, at least I know how long that lasts. (I'll have to remember that when I get the 2 week wait!) :)