Thursday, April 14, 2011

You're the Donor, Right?

Seriously, the receptionist at my clinic has the worst memory. She obviously can't remember that I'm the recipient. Today, she says: "You're the donor, right?" Really?!? My clinic needs to put some kind of symbol on the appointment list, D = Donor, R = Recipient. POF does suck. Not just because I can look like an egg donor.

The ultrasound tech was on a mission today. As she's probing my uterus for my baseline u/s, I can tell she's having problems finding my ovaries. I was getting very uncomfortable, so I had to speak up. I go on to tell her that I have Premature Ovarian Failure and that it will probably be difficult to find my ovaries. I also tell her that some techs can't even find my one ovary. Maybe I should have kept my mouth shut, for she started to get agressive with that vagina probe. Seriously, this u/s was so uncomfortable. And, why the heck did she NEED to find an ovary that is like a speck of dust??? Ugghhhh!

Everything about POF sucks!

(Sorry to be so negative today...just writing my thoughts)


  1. How stupid is that?!? Geez. You'd think they would try their best to make everyone comfortable. I suppose I can see that a tech in a bad mood does take "can't find" the wrong way, but hey, it is not your job to make the tech feel good! This is so upside down and wrong way around it would even get the most healthy and happy of us down.

  2. Blah! I'm sorry that receptionist can't keep it straight. And good heavens on the probing...she must have taken it as a challenge :P I don't think you are negative. Do you have a calendar set yet?

  3. Definitely one of the worst experiences at my clinic to date. Hoping it can't get any worse (I better knock on some wood now!)