Friday, October 1, 2010

Transfer Day!

I couldn't ask for a better day! We woke up early to give my injection. Shortly after, we heard our daughter waking up--and she must have woke up in a good mood, for she was singing in her room. It was so cute and such a great start to our day. DH and I smiled at each other while listening to her--she is such a bright spot in our lives.

The weather was beautiful today, so we had a lovely drive to my Mom's house, where we dropped off our daughter. She was so excited to spend the day and night at Grandma's. We left for the hospital and arrived an hour before the transfer time (as instructed). My bladder was already full by the time we got there, so I didn't have to drink much water. Dr. H (who I've never met) and Dr. B (who was assisting) came into our room to tell us about the transfer process and the latest update that he heard regarding the embryos. He mentioned if they were not "top" quality, we could transfer 3 embryos. The word triplets made me nervous! Luckily, once we got in the sterile room and saw the embryologist, she said we had one 10-cell embryo and one 8-cell embryo. Dr. H said you could not get better than a 10-cell embryo on a 3-day transfer. That was good to hear. The decision was finalized then--we wanted to transfer two, which Dr. H recommended. We even got a photo of our embryos. The whole transfer process was cool to watch, and as Dr. H explained, this will feel like the longest pap smear. He was right, but it really wasn't that bad. The worst part was after the transfer--the catheter to empty my bladder. I am not a catheter fan (not sure who would be). I was glad when that part was over! They wheeled me into the recovery room where I was to lay down for the next 3 hours. Dr. H said to stay mellow and stress-free for the next 2 weeks. DH and I brought our laptop with movies, so we watched 'Valentine's Day' during our wait time. It was a funny romantic comedy--just what I was in the mood for!

We were starving by the time we left the hospital, so we picked up some Quaker Steak & Lube food on the way home. We are now going to watch another movie to cap off this fabulous day. I'm so happy and relieved that things went so well today. The two-week wait is upon us now; hopefully, it will remain calm and stress-free.

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