Thursday, October 14, 2010

Wrong Decision

I'm thoroughly convinced that we made the wrong decision with the clinic we selected. Not only have we had some "not-so-great" moments at our clinic in the past couple months, but today was the icing on the cake. I got my blood drawn today, and the "vampire" did the WORST draw I've ever seen! Bled through the gauze pad and the mark left on my arm looks like she took blood in four different spots. I'm just so done with this cycle, and for this "vampire" to botch my excellent veins, I'm mad. I feel like crying all over again. And just when I thought things couldn't get any worse, the nurse said I might not get the beta results until tomorrow morning! Seriously?!? I know, it's negative...why does this have to drag on any longer?!? I'm DONE! What kind of clinic draws your blood in the morning and then can't give you the results until the end of the day? Now, I have to wait until tomorrow morning and take another PIO injection. This roller coaster of emotions seems never ending! I'm sorry to be such a downer, but for the amount of money one pays for this cycle, I expect more than what I've been experiencing. My original RE at the clinic who I wanted the entire time through the process; I've only saw him once (1st appointment). I'm so mad at myself for choosing our clinic that only had a 50% success rate. It's hindsight now, but I wish I had chosen a clinic that had an 80% success rate. I just couldn't justify the extra costs of travel and the inconveniences of being away from home. Definitely a wrong decision on my part! If you can learn anything from my experience, go with a very reputable clinic with a better than average success rate.

3 hours later...

I did get a call from my original RE doc after hours, telling me the results I expected. He believes there was a problem with embryo quality, but he needs to review the lab reports before coming to that conclusion. Shouldn't he have seen the lab reports before the transfer??!? He wants us to make a follow up appointment to review everything.

What's next? I'll try to continue to update this blog because I have a feeling our journey is not over....


  1. I'm so sorry things didn't work. That stinks with the frustration with the hindsight on clinic and sorry that the clinic seems tied to the outcome, hope they can give some good info. It is so hard to know what to do in the process. I hope that you are doing okay. I wish I knew better what to say.

  2. So sorry to hear your sad news.... 50% seemed good odds, you'd hope that since you've beaten the odds before, luck would still/again be with you.
    Sorry you are sad (I haven't dared to take this step yet) I was scared of another crushed dream.
    hugs, V

  3. From a fellow POFer I would like to say, I am so so sorry about your BFN. I understand how much more painfully it may be when the one thing that should work for us (DE) doesn’t work.
    I wish you luck on your future endeavor.


  4. Thanks ladies. The BFN is tough, especially with the high hopes (not only did we have them, but our doctor felt similar) **read today's post**